German Impressum

Die with Dignity
Curriculum Vitae


The project Die with Dignity was founded in October 1996 by the students
Brenner (bass, vox, keys, drum machine),
Broszat (vox, keys, self-built oscillators + modulators, tape-effects, drum machine, mixing desk),
Repgen ([rhythm] guitars, keys).
Short time afterwards the students
Guderia ([lead] guitars, trumpet, violin, flutes),
Kubry (sampling, drum machine),
Funder (keys)
joined the band; meanwhile Kubry and Funder have already left the band.


Even finding a name that would fit to the uncompromising philosophy of the band, turned out to be difficult. In order to dissociate themselves from ordinary Gothic or Industrial standards they called themselves Current 92. When friends pointed out that there was a certain analogousness they changed the band's name to Punk Floyd, but this did not last very long either, and shortly afterwards Ten Inch Nails was born. This was only a transitional solution followed by Death in July, Blurb and The Beatie Boys. After a sponsoring deal with a chocolate company the guys had several gigs under the name Sister of Mercí, when at last the drum computer suggested to call the band Die with Dignity, which found general approval.


There had to be something new, this was for sure. So they assembled and thought about new concepts. The idea of realising industrial music using woodwind instruments proved to be as innovative as impracticable. So, without any compromises they developed the plan to cover the Sisters' classic Floodland using alphorns, but this failed because of certain lack of area in their studio. When finally the creative heads conceived the revolutional combination guitar/ bass/ keyboard/ vocals, this encountered scepticism in the environment of the band. No-one believed that it would be possible to create a concise, homogeneous sound with such heterogenous components. Now they were ready to create a new sound, and soon afterwards they proceeded to Gawl's Singing Room in order to record several songs live in studio, some of which now are issued as their debut-CD Kraut?.


Words are the expression of a constitutional semantics of thoughts, as was already expressed by Baldur de Paranaus. This motto was to be matched by DwD's patterns of words, which is their name for their lyrics in allusion to Ali Al Baba III. The concept to write all lyrics in Hungarian failed mainly because no band member was expert in that language. The idea of singing German texts backwards was very difficult because of the adequate conversion of sibilants. In order not to give up this innovative sound reversion completely they decided to still sing backwards, but then play the tape recordings in similar manner, i.e. in reverse direction. That's why listeners might get the impression of vocals being done like usual, i.e. straight forward. An amazing effect!


There were acrimonious discussions about that point. Suggestions of giving concerts nude, in green suspenders or wearing paper hats were rejected rather spontaneously. Finally they invented a new appearance that was impossible to be overbidden with regard to expressiveness and plainness: The so-called All-Days-Look(©) that is copied now by all classes of population.

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